Accepted Papers

Lin Sok and Patrick Solé.
On Formally Self-dual Boolean Functions in 2, 4 and 6 variables.

Benedikt Driessen and Christof Paar.
Solving Binary Linear Equation Systems over the Rationals and Binaries.

Gerardo Vega and Carlos A. Vázquez.
The Weight Distribution of a Family of Reducible Cyclic Codes.

Ryuichi Harasawa, Yutaka Sueyoshi and Aichi Kudo.
Improving the Berlekamp algorithm for binomials xn - a.

Sumanta Sarkar, Srimanta Bhattacharya and Ayca Cecsmelioglu.
On Some Permutation Binomials of the Form x((2^ n-1)⁄k)+1 + ax over F2n: Existence and Count.

Boris Batteux.
On the Algebraic Normal Form and Walsh Spectrum of Symmetric Functions Over Finite Rings.

Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Sidi Mohamed El Yousfi Alaoui, Gerhard Hoffmann and Pascal Véron.
An improved threshold ring signature scheme based on error correcting codes.

Olav Geil, Stefano Martin and Ryutaroh Matsumoto.
A new method for constructing small-bias spaces from Hermitian codes.

Razvan Barbulescu, Jérémie Detrey, Nicolas Estibals and Paul Zimmermann.
Finding Optimal Formulae for Bilinear Maps.

Sami Omar, Raouf Ouni and Saber Bouanani.
Hashing with Elliptic Curve L-functions.

Danuta Pamula and Arnaud Tisserand.
Towards GF(2m) Finite-Field Multipliers with Reduced Activity Variations.

Oleksandr Kazymyrov and Lilya Budaghyan.
Verification of Restricted EA-equivalence for Vectorial Boolean Functions.

Nadia El Mrabet and Nicolas Gama.
Efficient Multiplication over Extension Fields.

Invited Papers

Shay Gueron and Vlad Krasnov.
Software Implementation of Modular Exponentiation, Using Advanced Vector Instructions Architectures.

Florian Hess.
Generalised Jacobians in Cryptography and Coding Theory.

Alexander Pott, Qi Wang, and Yue Zhou.
Sequences and functions derived from projective planes and their difference sets.

Emmanuel Thomé.
Square Root Algorithms for the Number Field Sieve.