Accepted Papers

Hamza Jeljeli.
Accelerating Iterative SpMV for the Discrete Logarithm Problem Using GPUs.

Matthieu Rambaud.
Finding optimal Chudnovsky-Chudnovsky symmetric multiplication algorithms.

Omer Egecioglu and Çetin Koç.
Reducing the Complexity of Normal Basis Multiplication.

Alexander Pott and Qi Wang.
Some results on difference balanced functions.

İsa Sertkaya, Ali Doğanaksoy, Osmanbey Uzunkol and Mehmet Sabır Kiraz.
Affine Equivalency and Nonlinearity Preserving Bijective Mappings over F2.

Ferruh Özbudak, Ahmet Sınak and Oğuz Yayla.
On Verification of Restricted Extended Affine Equivalence of Vectorial Boolean Functions.

Lilya Budaghyan, Claude Carlet, Tor Helleseth and Alexander Kholosha.
On o-Equivalence of Niho Bent Functions.

Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Ousmane Ndiaye and Quentin Santos.
Efficient Software Implementations of Code-based Hash Functions and Stream-Ciphers.

Yan Liu, Minjia Shi and Patrick Sole.
Quadratic residue codes over Fp+vFp+v2Fp.

Oktay Olmez.
One-and-half difference sets in 2-groups.

Invited Papers

Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez.
Computing Discrete Logarithms in F36*137 and F36*163 using Magma.

Claude Carlet.
Open questions on nonlinearity and on APN vectorial functions.

Ferruh Özbudak.
L- Polynomials of some algebraic curves over finite fields.