Accepted Papers

Aicha Batoul, Delphine Boucher and Rayna D. Boulanouar.
A construction of self-dual skew cyclic and negacyclic codes of length n over Fpn.

Sergey Bereg, Brian Malouf, Linda Morales, Thomas Stanley and Ivan Sudborough.
Improved Lower Bounds for Permutation Arrays Using Permutation Rational Functions.

José Joaquín Bernal-Buitrago and Juan Jacobo Simón-Pinero.
Decoding up to 4 errors in Hyperbolic-like Abelian Codes by the Sakata Algorithm.

Martino Borello and Abdelillah Jamous.
Dihedral codes with prescribed minimum distance.

Joël Cathébras and Roselyne Chotin.
A HDL generator for flexible and efficient finite-field multipliers on FPGAs.

Diana Davidova and Nikolay Kaleyski.
Generalization of a class of APN binomials to Gold-like functions.

Ana Isabel Gómez, Domingo Gomez and Andrew Tirkel.
Recursion polynomials of unfolded sequences.

Faruk Göloglu, Lukas Kölsch, Gohar Kyureghyan and Léo Perrin.
On subspaces of Kloosterman zeros and permutations of the form L1(x-1)+L2(x).

Claude Gravel, Daniel Panario and Bastien Rigault.
Finding linearly generated subsequences.

Hugues Randriambololona and Edouard Rousseau.
Trisymmetric multiplication formulae in finite fields.

Simran Tinani and Joachim Rosenthal.
Existence and Cardinality of k-Normal Elements in Finite Fields.

Gerardo Vega.
Explicit factorization of some period polynomials.