Accepted Papers

Lucas Da Silva Reis.
Prescribing traces of primitive elements in finite fields.

Francisco Javier Soto, Ana Isabel Gómez Pérez and Domingo Gómez Pérez.
Generating gaussian pseudorandom noise with binary sequences.

Daniele Bartoli, Lukas Koelsch and Giacomo Micheli.
Differential biases, c-differential uniformity, and their relation to differential attacks.

Gerardo Vega and Félix Hernández.
Determining the complete weight distributions of some families of cyclic codes.

Mohit Pal.
On Cryptographic Properties of a Class of Power Permutations in Odd Characteristic.

Eduardo Camps-Moreno, Ignacio García-Marco, Hiram H. López, Irene Márquez-Corbella, Edgar Martínez-Moro and Eliseo Sarmiento.
On decoding hyperbolic codes.

Olga Polverino, Paolo Santonastaso and Ferdinando Zullo.
On fat linearized polynomials.

Claude Carlet, Ulises Pastor-Díaz and José M. Tornero.
On the Walsh and Fourier-Hadamard Supports of Boolean Functions From a Quantum Viewpoint.

Jiafeng Xie, Pengzhou He, Samira Carolina Oliva Madrigal and Çetin Kaya Koç.
SMALL: Scalable Matrix OriginAted Large Integer PoLynomial Multiplication Accelerator for Lattice-based Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Chin Hei Chan and Maosheng Xiong.
Central limit theorem for linear eigenvalue statistics of random matrices from binary linear codes.

Reza Dastbasteh, Olatz Sanz Larrarte, Josu Etxezarreta Martínez, Antonio Demarti Iolius, Javier Oliva del Moral and Pedro Crespo Bofill.
Quantum CSS Duadic and Triadic Codes: New Insights and Properties.

Simon Kuttner, Jason Gao and Steven Wang.
Counting polynomials with distinct roots in finite fields using the subset sum problem.

Nazli Deniz Türe and Murat Cenk.
Efficient Batch Post-Quantum Signatures with Crystals Dilithium.

Amund Askeland.
An FPGA Accelerated Search Method for Maximum Period NLFSRs.

Sarah Arpin, Wouter Castryck, Jonathan Komada Eriksen, Gioella Lorenzon and Frederik Vercauteren.
Generalized class group actions on oriented elliptic curves with level structure.

Dongxia Luo and Lucia Moura.
Fast decoding of group testing results from Reed-Solomon d-disjunct matrices.

Mohammadtaghi Badakhshan, Guiwen Luo, Tanmayi Jandhyala and Guang Gong.
Ursa Minor: The Implementation Framework for Polaris.