Accepted Papers

Michael Scott and Aurore Guillevic.
A New Family of Pairing-Friendly elliptic curves.

Momonari Kudo and Shushi Harashita.
Superspecial Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 4 over Small Finite Fields.

Anand Kumar Narayanan.
Fast Computation of Isomorphisms Between Finite Fields Using Elliptic Curves.

Mustafa Khairallah, Anupam Chattopadhyay, Bimal Mandal and Subhamoy Maitra.
On Hardware Implementation of Tang-Maitra Boolean Functions.

Nusa Zidaric, Mark Aagaard and Guang Gong.
Rapid hardware design for cryptographic modules with filtering structure over small finite fields.

Yoshinori Hamahata.
Vector-valued modular forms on finite upper half planes.

Lucia Moura, Daniel Panario and David Thomson.
Normal basis exhaustive search: 10 years later.

Domingo Gómez-Pérez and László Mérai.
Algebraic dependence in generating functions and expansion complexity.

Thor Martinsen, Wilfried Medil, Alexander Pott and Pantelimon Stanica.
On symmetry and differential properties of generalized Boolean functions.

Sihem Mesnager, Ferruh Özbudak and Ahmet Sinak.
Characterizations of Partially bent and plateaued functions over finite fields.

Torleiv Kløve.
Codes of length two correcting single errors of limited size II.

Federico Amadio Guidi and Giacomo Micheli.
Fractional jumps: complete characterisation and an explicit infinite family.

Motoko Kawakita.
Some sextics of genera five and seven attaining the Serre bound.

Qiuping Li, Baofeng Wu and Zhuojun Liu.
Direct Constructions of (Involutory) MDS Matrices from Block Vandermonde and Cauchy-like Matrices.

Benjamin Pring.
Exploiting preprocessing for quantum search to break parameters for MQ cryptosystems Scheme.