Accepted Papers & Author Guidelines

Papers Format & Deadlines:

The papers should be at most 18 formatted pages in total.

The deadline for submitting the final formatted version of the papers is April 4th, 2007.

Accepted papers should be formatted according to the LNCS default author instructions at URL (see the file typeinst.pdf)

The authors must send to both the Program co-Chairs Claude Carlet ( and Berk Sunar ( the following material in a single zipped file:

  • The authors' source files and pdf files (formatted according to the instructions given in the file typeinst.pdf)

  • Copyright Form: The copyright form may be downloaded from the ¨For Authors¨ (Information for LNCS Authors) section of the LNCS Website. Please send your signed copyright form to the Program co-Chair Claude Carlet (Address: INRIA Projet CODES, 78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, France. Email:, either as a scanned pdf or by courier. One author may sign on behalf of all the other authors of a particular paper.

  • A readme file informing which of your names is/are your first name(s) and which is/are your family name(s). This is particularly important for Spanish and Chinese names. Authors are listed alphabetically according to their surnames in the author index. The name and address of the corresponding author must also be given in this readme file.

Notice that in order to be included in the proceedings, the authors of an accepted paper must guarantee to present their contribution at the workshop and one of the authors must register before April 15th, 2007 (before April 11th would be preferred).

Accepted Papers:

Yoshinori Hamahata.
A note on modular forms on finite upper half planes.

Nobuo Nakagawa and Satoshi Yoshiara.
A construction of differentially 4-uniform functions from commutative semifields of characteristic 2.

Lilya Budaghyan.
The simplest method for constructing APN polynomials EA-inequivalent to power functions.

Jean-Luc Beuchat, Nicolas Brisebarre, Masaaki Shirase, Tsuyoshi Takagi, and Eiji Okamoto.
A Coprocessor for the Final Exponentiation of the ηT Pairing in Characteristic Three.

Tongjiang Yan, Xiaoni Du, Enjian Bai.
Some Notes on d-form Functions with Difference-Balanced Property.

Juergen Bierbrauer.
Cyclic additive and quantum stabilizer codes.

Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Ayoub Otmani and Damien Vergnaud.
On Kabatianskii-Krouk-Smeets Signatures.

Roberto Avanzi, and Nicolas Theriault.
Effects of Optimizations for Software Implementations of Small Binary Field Arithmetic.

Reza Rezaeian Farashahi and Ruud Pellikaan.
The Quadratic Extension Extractor for (Hyper)elliptic Curves in Odd Characteristic.

Omran Ahmadi, Darrel Hankerson, Alfred Menezes.
Software implementation of arithmetic in GF(3m).

Nicolas Méloni.
New Point Addition Formulae for ECC and Applications.

Sondre Rønjom and Tor Helleseth.
Attacking the Filter Generator over GF(2m).

Stefan Erickson, Michael Jacobson, Jr., Ning Shang, Sean Shen, Andreas Stein.
Explicit formulas for real hyperelliptic curves of genus 2 in affine representation.

R. Durán Díaz, J. Muñoz Masqué, A. Peinado Domínguez.
Euler's φ function in F2[X].

Oscar Gustafsson and Mikael Olofsson.
Complexity Reduction of Constant Matrix Computations over the Binary Field.

YUAN Yuan, TONG Yan, ZHANG Huanguo.
Complete mapping polynomials over finite field F16

Robert W. Fitzgerald, Joseph L. Yucas.
Explicit factorizations of cyclotomic and Dickson polynomials over finite fields.

Yuewen Tang and Dongyang Long.
Structures of p-adic Component of Primitive Sequences over Z/(pd).

V. Álvarez, J.A. Armario, M.D. Frau, E. Martín, A.Osuna.
Error correcting codes from quasi-Hadamard matrices.

Zuhua Shao.
Self-certified signatures based on discrete logarithms.

Peizhong Lu, Yan Zou
Fast Computations of Grobner Bases and Blind Recognitions of Convolutional Codes.

Marco Bodrato
Searching Optimal Toom-Cook Algorithms for Univariate and Multivariate Polynomials in Characteristic 2 and 0.

Gerardo Vega.
Determining the Number of One-weight Cyclic Codes when Length and Dimension are Given.

Joachim von zur Gathen, Amin Shokrollahi, and Jamshid Shokrollahi.
Efficient multiplication using type 2 optimal normal bases.

Gregor Leander and Axel Poschmann.
On the Classification of 4 Bit S-boxes.

A. B. Klimov, J. L. Romero, G. Bjork, L.L. Sanchez-Soto
Discrete phase-space structure and mutually unbiased bases

Stefan Tillich and Johann Groszschaedl
VLSI Implementation of a Functional Unit to Accelerate ECC and AES on 32-bit Processors