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Madrid is the official capital of the Kingdom of Spain since 1561. It is a city in which past and present live together, creating, in its diversity, a unique and attractive setting, with a population (more than 5 million inhabitants) that is characterized by its affability and hospitality. Located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid boasts a pleasant year-round Continental climate. Madrid is a city that offers cultural and leisure activities for all tastes and all ages.

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The subway is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get around Madrid, although other alternatives such as bus, taxi and trains are also available.


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The cities and towns that surround the capital of Spain are a clear example of the cultural and monumental richness of our country. The hanging houses of Cuenca or the Acueducto in Segovia are just a few samples of everything there is to discover in a radius of only 200 km. Some interesting places to visit are Aranjuez, Cuenca, El Escorial, La Granja, Segovia, Toledo, and Valle de los Caidos. Information about these cities can be found in:

Visits to Cordoba and Seville, two jewels of the Arabic legacy, are also an interesting possibility from Madrid. The high speed train (AVE) covers the 500 km between Madrid and Seville in aprox. 2h 30m. Cordoba is reached in less than two hours.

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