Accepted Papers & Author Guidelines

Papers Format & Deadlines:

The papers should be at most 18 formatted pages in total.

The deadline for submitting the final formatted version of the papers is April 17th, 2008.

Accepted papers should be formatted according to the LNCS default author instructions at URL (see the file typeinst.pdf)

The authors must send to both the Program co-Chairs Joachim von Zur Gathen ( and Çetin Kaya Koç ( the following material in a single zipped file:

  • The authors' source files and pdf files (formatted according to the instructions given in the file typeinst.pdf)

  • Copyright Form: The copyright form may be downloaded from the ¨For Authors¨ (Information for LNCS Authors) section of the LNCS Website. One author may sign on behalf of all the other authors of a particular paper.

  • A readme file informing which of your names is/are your first name(s) and which is/are your family name(s). This is particularly important for Spanish and Chinese names. Authors are listed alphabetically according to their surnames in the author index. The name and address of the corresponding author must also be given in this readme file.

Notice that in order to be included in the proceedings, the authors of an accepted paper must guarantee to present their contribution at the workshop.

Accepted Papers:

Gerasimos C. Meletiou and Arne Winterhof.
Interpolation of the Double Discrete Logarithm.

Miroslav Knezevic, Kazuo Sakiyama, Junfeng Fan and Ingrid Verbauwhede.
Modular Multiplication in GF(2n) Without Pre-Computational Phase.

Gohar M. Kyureghyan and Alexander Pott.
Some Remarks on Planar Mappings.

Gerardo Vega.
On the Number of Two-weight Cyclic Codes with Composite Parity-check Polynomials.

Yoshinori Hamahata.
Finite Dedekind sums.

Olav Geil, Ryutaroh Matsumoto, and Casper Thomsen.
Applications of Groebner Bases to Network Coding.

Fabrizio Caruso, Jacopo D'Aurizio, Alasdair McAndrew.
Efficient Finite Fields in the Maxima Computer Algebra System.

Sylvain Duquesne.
Montgomery Ladder for all Genus 2 Curves in Characteristic 2.

Bora Aslan, M. Tolga Sakalli, Ercan Bulus.
Classifying 8-bit to 8-bit S-boxes based on Power Mappings from the point of DDT and LAT Distributions.

Enes Pasalic.
On cryptographically significant mappings over GF(2n).

Marc Joye.
Fast Point Multiplication on Elliptic Curves Without Precompuation.

Marc Mouffron.
Transitive q-ary functions over Finite fields or Finite sets: Counts, Properties and Applications.

H.A. Hasan and C. Negre.
Subquadratic Space Complexity Multiplication over Binary Field with Dickson Polynomial Representation.

Arash Hariri and Arash Reyhani-Masoleh.
Digit-Serial Structures for the Shifted Polynomial Basis Multiplication over Binary Extension Fields.

K. J. Horadam.
EA and CCZ equivalence of functions over GF(2n).

Selcuk Baktir, Berk Sunar.
Optimal Extension Field Inversion in the Frequency Domain